Constipation Blues

(sound/text installation)

toilets with text on wall


Constipation Blues was installed during a one-night only art exhibition at the State Bar in Glasgow. The piece was installed in the toilets of the bar. It consisted of a sound installation playing Constipation Blues by Screamin' Jay Hawkins and a a piece of paper on the wall with the following text:


Since I finished the MFA I’ve given up painting, worked with a gangster, written a song, translated for an artist that works with remains of murdered bodies (and occasionally with living ones), I’ve ventured through the worst pubs in town (where I almost acquired a Glasgow Smile), I’ve visited a garment factory that collapsed 2 months after I was there, I’ve gotten about 22 rejections for shows and funding applications, I’ve attempted to give up art two and a half times and failed, I’ve agreed to take part in an exhibition at the State Bar and I had a moment of panic a couple of days ago when I came to realize that after two years of surviving the “Real Art World” I’ve lost my ability to be creative.
But then I heard it…and I knew that the post-MFA trauma didn’t cause any irreversible damage (just a bit of constipation).





men's toilet with text on wall women's toilet with text on wall

closeup of text