(Documentary, 88 mins, Mexico/UK, 2015)

Rana Plaza Documentary still


Protests erupted in Mexico after 43 students attending the rural teacher’s college of Ayotzinapa disappeared on the 26th of September 2014. People from different backgrounds, classes and ages, united and took to the streets to express their outrage; they organized peaceful rallies, demanding the government take action to find the students. As a result, many citizens involved in the demonstrations have been threatened, abducted as political prisoners, tortured and murdered.

Desaparecidos follows the stories of a few Mexicans from the current generation who live with the risk of being disappeared because of their participation in the recent protests for the missing 43.







Room full of clothes, one sewing machine and survivor Dilora Begum performing close up of survivor Dilora Begum

survivor Dilora Begum telling her story woman sitting on floor full of clothes

woman sitting on floor full of clothes hand giving a paper bag to a person of the audience