(Wintersgills Pub, Glasgow, 2013)


Jukebox was installed in Wintersgills Pub for a one-night only event. It played a collection of songs performed by a group of locals that have been getting together every Thursday night at the pub to sing. The group ranges between the ages of 65 and 87.





1. Is it true what they say about Dixie (John)


2. We will make love (all)


3. Sixteen tons (Frank)


4. I won't tell a soul (Helen)


5. A, You're adorable (guys)


6. Traditional Scottish song (David)


7. You're the only good thing (women)


8. I wish I could sing like Jolson (John)


9. Nevertheless (all)


10. Pasadena (John + Jim's Dominos)


11. I only have eyes for you (Helen + all)


12. Friends and neighbours (all)


13. Jim's Jokes





jukebox in pub locals that sing in wintersgills

local listening to his own song in jukebox jukebox closeup