Quick & Dirty

(on-going project: Glasgow/Mexico City, 2013-present)


Series of exhibitions organized by artists Jon Thomson and Carla Novi, exploring alternative ways of making and presenting art in unconventional spaces. The shows are based on the Quick and Dirty Manifesto, written collaboratively between both artists.


Quick & Dirty Manifesto

1. A Quick & Dirty operation starts with the full moon and finishes within the lunar month.

2. A Quick & Dirty exposure occurs in public non-art venues.

3. The Quick & Dirty venue will determine the number of operants (first come, first serve).

4. Participants are responsible for their work (i.e. bringing it, hanging it, binning it…)

5. No old shit, only new work.

6. No holes in the walls.

7. Identities revealed on the day of the show.

8. No sponsors, no funding, donations only.

9. The Quick & Dirty system is free: use it, abuse it, confuse it…but do not lose it.



STATE BAR (Glasgow, 2013): James Hutchinson, Jason Mathis, Elizabeth McDonald, Marlena Morris, John Nicol, Carla Novi, Camillo Paravicini, Sybren Renema, Suzie Smith, Jon Thomson.


WINTERSGILLS PUB (Glasgow, 2013): Alejandra Contreras, Ying Cui, Gwenan Davies, Dougie Laing, Mag Maclean, Elizabeth McDonald, Marlena Morris, Carla Novi, Rosie O'Grady, Seth Orion Schwaiger, Gaby Peters, Cedric Tai, Jon Thomson, Michael White, Rachel Yezbick.


CANTINA BUENOS AIRES (Mexico City, 2014): Giovanni Ascencio Lemus, Karina Becerra, Proyecto Changarrito (Maria Garcia-Ibañez, Jimena Schlaepfer, Alajandro Nubo, Guillermo Zenitram, Miguel Corral), Gwenan Davies, Jocelyn Delgado Meza, Mono Fingal, Yeudiel Infante, Rodrigo Kaos, Gaby Lobato, Jhavier Loeza + Alina Sanchez Lopez, Mag Maclean, John Nicol, Carla Novi, Sheps Nurko, Jon Thomson, DJ "Los Hit Wonders"


State Bar Stills

drawing on wall locals watching art video in pub

person drawing prints on the wall


Wintersgills Pub Stills

sculpture outside of pub dougie laing's work on the wall

paper sculpture on table candle sculpture

wax cups sculpture on table superman drying his armpits video


Cantina Buenos Aires Stills

changarrito sculptures giovanni's interactive piece

slim's booklet on tableyeudiel's sound piece in cantina

paintings on glass cantina's door print on safe in cantina