Rana Plaza Documentary

(Documentary, 63 mins, Bangladesh/UK, 2014)

Rana Plaza Documentary still


In February 2013, Carla Novi visited a garment factory in Bangladesh to work on an art project involving women workers. Two months after Novi returned to the UK, the factory that she visited, Rana Plaza, collapsed, leaving more than 1000 workers dead, becoming one of the worst industrial disasters in history. In the wake of the tragedy, Novi returned to Bangladesh to make a documentary film that follows her personal journey: from her first visit to Dhaka before the factory collapsed, to her return a year later, where she witnesses the aftermath of the tragedy. As the artist deals with her own pain and loss, she embarks on a mission to try to find the fifteen garment workers that she met in Rana Plaza before the catastrophe.







still: workers in Rana Plaza still: worker in Rana Plaza

still: worker in Rana Plaza still: photos of workers from Rana Plaza

still: Carla Novi talking to worker Dilora Begum Rana Plaza after collapse