Transplanting voices from a street, to a room and back to a street

(performance -12 mins, Glasgow, 2012)

Excerpt (3 mins) / Full lenght (12 mins)


Collaborative performance between Carla Novi, Glaswegian East-End poet John Mallon and Glasgow based harmony vocal group The Cinnamon Girls (Laura McMahon, Janis F. Murray, Donna Swabey and Lorraine Wilson). The performance addressed issues of social unrest occurring simultaneously in certain areas of Glasgow and Mexico.




The Spinning Top (a song for Mexican children)

As part of the project, The Cinnamon Girls and Carla Novi wrote this song collaboratively. It is dedicated to Mexican children who, in order to grow up in a safer environment, have been forced out of their country (along with their families), as a consequence of the Drug War. The Spinning Top was performed by The Cinnamon Girls at the CCA, Glasgow as part of Transplanting Voices performance. It was then recorded in a studio and played in the radio in Mexico City.






john mallon reading his poems the cinnamon girls singing